My tour guide beginnings. 1996 Diary – School Trip to the Highlands of Scotland – Day 1…

Diary of an 11 year old Colin Mairs on a school trip to the Highlands of Scotland.

Day 1:

“Monday 13th of May 1996

This morning we departed from school. After about forty-five minutes of driving we arrived at Bannockburn Heritage Centre. When we got there we watched a film about Robert the Bruce and the battles that he fought in. The film also told us about how there were some people trying to find Robert the Bruce and were going to kill him. So Robert the Bruce hid in a cave, while he was in the cave, he watched a spider trying to make it’s web and after many attempts, it finally got the web made. After the film we went into a different room and there was a man dressed in clothes that Bruce’s army would have worn. The man told us about the clothes that everybody would have worn and he told us lots of other thing. The man was very funny. Next we drove for about one and a half hours until we eventually reached the hotel.”

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