My tour guide beginnings. 1996 Diary – School Trip to the Highlands of Scotland – Day 5…

Well, here it is, the final day of our adventures in the Highlands of Scotland, following my diary as an 11 year old on our school trip. Today it’s Day 5, Friday, and we are heading back to school and back home. I obviously had more time for the drawings for this day and we’ve got giraffes and a monkey at Blair Drummond Safari Park, a couple of dodgem cars bumping, the amazing slide and the bus going in the opposite direction to how it was on Day 1 and with different expressions on the kids’ faces. Y’see what I did there? ; )

I think the seal show was probably a set up. Pebbles knew exactly what she was doing and was supposed to be the funny part of the show. The slide was brilliant! Loved slides like that back in the day.

I am also very impressed with my precision noting of times -“we left at twenty to nine“, “we arrived at twelve minutes past three” – a very useful thing to keep in mind as a tour guide. In my job I am always punctual or usually early, for some reason that is often not the case in social situations!

I obviously held a bit of a grudge about “some of us” having to wait a while for our parents to come and pick us up. All is now forgiven!! Haha. Read the full diary entry below or click on the video to hear my reading.

Click above to watch video

Friday 17th of May 1996

We had another early start this morning because we came home today. We left the hotel at about twenty to nine and a while later we arrived at Blair Drummond Safari Park. First we drove through an enclosure and we saw monkeys and deer and sheep. Then we went through another enclosure and we saw tigers, lions and bison. Next we played at the play park for a while and after that we went to a seal show. There were three seals at the seal show, called Blossom, Mindy and Pebbles. At the start when the man called up the three seals only Blossom and Mindy came up. Throughout the whole show Pebbles didn;t do anything. After that we had our lunch. Then we went to a big slide that had four lanes ad when you went down there were wee bumps that you went flying off. Next we went to the dodgems, they were brilliant. Then we played in the amusements for a while and then we went back on the bus. We arrived at twelve minutes past three and some of us had to wait a while for our parents, but they all eventually came.

The End.

By Colin Mairs

Thanks for reading until the end! If you missed any of the days you can click back or start here from Day 1.

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4 thoughts on “My tour guide beginnings. 1996 Diary – School Trip to the Highlands of Scotland – Day 5…

  • Fantastic journal! Very organized and thoughtful for an 11 year old. And your handwriting! Our kids are adults now and they still can’t do cursive….all in all, this is so very typical of the Colin we know today! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Thanks Theresa and Mike! We learned this kind of handwriting from early on in primary school. My writing is now a little less neat – but still very nice in my humble opinion! 😀


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