About Claudia

Claudia Mairs (nee Villalon-Lopez) is a Mondumo director and our administration and development guru.

Claudia grew up in Mexico City. After graduating with a business degree from Universidad del Pedregal she and two childhood friends decided to set off in search of adventure. Inspired by the stunning NZ landscapes featured in the Lord of the Rings movies, they chose New Zealand.


Claudia worked in various jobs after arriving in New Zealand and was then spotted for her talent of dealing with customers and efficiency in an office environment and was asked by her boss at what was then the national telecommunications company if she would consider staying in New Zealand under their sponsorship. “I’ll give it a chance for a year or two”, she thought.


Six years later and Colin and Claudia are both on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Colin had come to spend Christmas with his brother, who was living there and Claudia was over from the city for the holidays.


Colin and Claudia chatted over breakfast. Claudia and her friends donated some food to Colin – he must have had that poor backpacker look in his eye… really he just loves free food. Colin and Claudia kept in touch after this first brief meeting and as fate would have it further travel was already on the cards. Claudia had a solo trip to Europe planned for the following European summer and Colin used the classic line “Oh you should come to Scotland; Scotland’s nice in June”. Thus began the longest possible long distance relationship on the planet.


Several round the world trips later C&C settled and married in New Zealand. We married in Mudbrick Winery on Waiheke Island, the island where we met. We currently live in Auckland, New Zealand.

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