At one year into the pandemic and still no definite signs of international travel restarting we have taken the decision to now hold off on setting dates for future Mondumo Tours.

Prior to this we had a Provisional Reservations policy, which meant that you could reserve a space on a future tour without monetary commitment until such time as the tour was deemed viable.

Now we feel that the more sensible approach is to wait until we know the tours are viable and then look to setting dates. This means that we will not be the first tour company off the mark with the wheels spinning as soon as things get moving again. And we are okay with that. We would rather see things settled and moving along nicely than being part of the stop/start phase and everyone living with the nervous energy of not knowing if the tour will or won’t be able to go ahead.

We are taking this opportunity to rework our itineraries so that they will be designed for even smaller groups, have less impact on the environment, and will avoid going to too many crowded and busy places.

So where does all this leave you – our eager travel friends?

As many of our tours sell out quickly and you might be concerned about availability, we are accepting submissions to our “first to know” list. Email addresses submitted to this list will be the first ones informed when we do have those sacred future dates set in stone. What a party it will be!

You can join the first to know list here.

And, if you are not already on our general mailing list for newsletters, you can join it here.

About the Author Colin Mairs

Colin Mairs is a director of Mondumo and our head tour guide.

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, he began his guiding career in Scotland in 2010. Colin moved to New Zealand in 2013 where he runs private and small group tours.

Colin is fluent in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish and looks forward to showing you around this beautiful part of the world.

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Join the 'First to Know' list for future tour dates

COVID-19 Update

We are holding off on setting dates for future tours until a definite timescale for the restart of international travel becomes available. You can still join our “first to know list” in the meantime.