Packing light is an important part of Mondumo Small Group Tours travel philosophy.

This allows our groups to be more nimble and agile, in effect to get more enjoyment out of our tour without the hindrance of large heavy cases.

No one ever went home from a trip and said “I wish I had packed more”.

We strongly recommend that each tour participant brings just one airline-carry-on-size bag of approximately 22″x 14″x 9″ (55cm X 35cm X 22cm), and a small day bag.

We don’t arrange for any porterage at our hotels so be aware that you will always carry your own bags. This may occasionally mean carrying them up or down several flights of stairs, walking up to 10 minutes to the hotel, and loading/unloading from many types of transportation.

Remember there will always be an opportunity to do laundry somewhere along the way of the tour if you really need to.

Packing tips

  • Do a practise pack one week before you are due to fly. It doesn’t matter if you have still to wash that pair of jeans you want to take or if you haven’t yet decided exactly which shirts you are going to take. This will also help you decide.
  • Pack everything into your 22″ x 14″ x 9″ (55cm X 35cm X 22cm) case. Does it fit? If yes, you're good to go. If not, read on.
  • Unpack and lay everything out on the floor/bed. Be ruthless. What do you not need?
  • If you are struggling ask someone else to be ruthless for you.
  • Some people use packing cubes to help organise their case.
  • Large see through plastic bags can play the same role as packing cubes to help compartmentalise your packing.

What to pack

Here’s what we recommend packing for a two week trip. Remember you can always wash clothes when you are there and if you forget something (e.g. toiletries) you can buy them there.


√ Socks and underwear (5), √ shirts/t-shirts (up to 5), √ pants/shorts (2),

√ shoes/trainers (1-2), √ sweater/lightweight fleece jacket (water-resistant),

√ tie or scarf, √ swimsuit, √ sleepwear/loungewear.

Important Documents and Money

√ Travel money belt or neck wallet, √ passport, √ airline documents,

√ debit card (for ATM withdrawals), √ credit card(s), √ emergency supply of cash,

√ driver’s license, √ student ID/hostel card, √ hotel confirmation emails,

√ other important tour documentation, √ health/travel insurance documents,

√ guidebooks, √ maps, √ small notepad, √ pen/pencil, √ journal.


√ Shampoo/shower gel, √ toothbrush, √ toothpaste,

√ floss, √ deodorant, √ sunscreen,

√ hand sanitizer, √ any medication/vitamins, √ small first-aid kit,

√ glasses/contacts/contact lens solution, √ needle and thread,

√ tissues, √ earplugs, √ sleep eyemask.

(*Remember if carrying your luggage onto the plane all liquids must be in a container no larger than 100ml (3 ounce) and inside a plastic ziplock bag)


√ Smartphone/mobile phone, √ digital camera, √ headphones,

√ chargers and batteries, √ plug adapter(s), √ travel alarm/wristwatch with alarm,

√ hairdryer, √ electric razor.


√ Refillable water bottle, √ fold-up tote bag, √ small roll of duct tape,

√ small torch/flashlight, √ small binoculars, √ inflatable pillow,

√ insect repellent, √ small padlock, √ universal drain-stopper,

√ more pens/stationery, √ address list for postcards, √ book,

√ tablet/e-reader, √ gifts from your home for people you meet,

√ your business cards, √ exercise gear, √ knitting equipment.

(If carrying your luggage onto the plane make sure you have no sharp objects.)

About the Author Colin Mairs

Colin Mairs is a director of Mondumo and our head tour guide.

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, he began his guiding career in Scotland in 2010. Colin moved to New Zealand in 2013 where he runs private and small group tours.

Colin is fluent in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish and looks forward to showing you around this beautiful part of the world.

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  1. This is a comprehensive list. My husband & I love Colin, he was our guide through Scotland back in 2014. And of all the guides we have had over the years Colin is still endeared in our heart. He also loves to sing. We are hoping in the future to use his tours of Australia and northern New Zealand. We have already been to Southern New Zealand.

    Love you Colin

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