My tour guide beginnings. 1996 Diary – School Trip to the Highlands of Scotland – Day 3…

Diary of an 11 year old Colin Mairs on a school trip to the Highlands of Scotland.

Day 3:

Wednesday 15th of May 1996

This morning we had to get up a bit earlier because we had a long way to drive to Inverness. First of all we went on the Jacobite Cruise which took us down a canal and then into Loch Ness. After that we went to Urquhart Castle and we had our lunch there. Then we went to the official Loch Ness Monster Centre. In there we saw proof that there was a monster, and proof that there wasn’t a monster. Next we went to Culloden Moore and saw where the battle between the Jacobites and the Redcoats fought and we also saw a film about the battle of Culloden.

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How do you write a first blog post?

How do you write a first blog post? I’m not even going to google that, I’m just going to write it here. And just like that – my blog is born!

This blog will be mostly written by me, Colin Mairs, except when it is not, or when we have the occasional guest blogger. I am a tour guide and joint-owner/director of a small tours business (Mondumo Small Group Tours), so this blog will be mostly travel-focussed. I’m also into Scotch whisky, so perhaps some of my whisky musings will make an appearance. I’m originally from Glasgow Scotland but I currently live in Auckland New Zealand – more in About Me. I am married to the wonderful Claudia and we are both self-confessed foodies – so expect a food post or two in the mix.

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