Terms and Conditions


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In completing and submitting your Tour Registration Form, you agree to be bound by these conditions which form an agreement between Mondumo Limited and you.

The person making the booking for the tour warrants that, before making the booking, they have read and has agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Where a tour booking is being made by one person on behalf of another/others, the person making the booking confirms that they have advised each person wishing to join the tour of these terms and conditions and confirms that each such person has agreed to them.

1. Introduction

1.1 “Mondumo Small Group Tours” is the trading name of “Mondumo Limited”.

1.2 Our company is based in Auckland, New Zealand and registered with New Zealand Companies Office.

1.3 Our company number is 6383632.

2. Terminology used in these Terms and Conditions

2.1 Us/We/Our = refers to “Mondumo Limited” trading as “Mondumo Small Group Tours”.

2.2 “Mondumo Lmited” and “Mondumo Small Group Tours” are used interchangeably throughout these terms and conditions.

2.3 You = the consumer / the customer

2.4 Tour member / tour participant = you

2.5 Other organisations mentioned in these terms and conditions:

2.6 Windcave Ltd = the payment gateway provider we use to process online Visa and Mastercard payments.

2.7 BNZ = Bank of New Zealand, our banking provider

3. Our responsibilities to you

3.1 Included in the price you pay for the tour we will provide:
– sightseeing tours by local guides,
– admissions to sights we visit as a group,
– meals as detailed on the tour itinerary,
– accommodation every night of the tour from Day 1,
– all transportation for group activities from the first hotel to the last hotel of the tour,
– all guide, local guide, driver, and hotel tips/gratuities.

3.2 Exclusions (not included in the price you pay for the tour):
– international airfare to and from the tour.
– transportation for optional activities and independent sightseeing during the tour is at the tour participant’s own cost),
– drinks at meals, with the exception of the first and last night’s meals.
– On the final day of the tour our services finish after breakfast, therefore no activities or overnight accommodation is included on the tour end date

4. Reservation, pricing and payment

4.1 Once your deposit of USD $200/full payment has been made your contract is only valid once MONDUMO LIMITED has confirmed your booking. Contracts are subject to availability and at our discretion.

4.2 Pricing is listed in USD unless otherwise stated. When making a payment to Mondumo Limited with a United States of America bank card you can feel at ease paying in a familiar currency as you have the reassurance of a currency you know.

4.3 All prices published supersede any prices previously advertised.

4.4 Occasionally MONDUMO LIMITED may offer reduced pricing on certain products or services. Reduced pricing applies only to new bookings. Bookings already confirmed with payment of deposit already received are not eligible for reduced pricing.

4.5 You will make payment for an exact amount in USD and we receive the amount converted into New Zealand Dollars (NZD) to our bank account held in New Zealand with the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ).

4.6 If you wish to make payment in a different currency please contact us to discuss.

4.7 Prices are fixed in USD from the moment they are published and do not fluctuate based on currency markets.

4.8 Payment can be made online by Visa or Mastercard via a secure link which will be sent to you at the time of booking. We currently do not accept American Express or Diners Cards. We cannot accept checks/cheques as payment.

4.9 Our entire payments process is managed by our trusted payment gateway provider – Windcave Ltd.

4.10 Payments are processed through Windcave Ltd and received to Mondumo Limited’s bank account held with the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ).

4.11 Transactions will appear on your payment card statement with “Mondumo Limited”.

4.12 We encourage cardholders to retain a copy of their transaction confirmation which they will receive by email upon completion of the transaction.

4.13 Windcave Ltd uses a facility supplied by the Bank of New Zealand called “CurrencySelect”, which allows us to price our tours in US dollars.

4.14 Both Mondumo Limited and Windcave Ltd recognize their responsibility to keep confidential at all times any information acquired in connection with transactions processing the purchase of goods and services from Mondumo Limited.

4.15 Windcave Ltd protects personal information to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and is a level 1 certified PCI-DSS compliant provider. PCI DSS is a set of security requirements relating to the protection of card holder data.

4.16 Windcave Ltd uses the information received when processing transactions (cardholder’s name, credit card number with expiry date, and billing address) to obtain authorization of the transaction from the Issuing bank of the credit card to process the payment.

4.17 Some details from the transaction (such as name, email and delivery address) may be made available to Mondumo Limited through Windcave Ltd’s web based transactions management system, which allows Merchants to track transactions and process refunds.

4.18 Mondumo Limited and Windcave Ltd are committed to data security.

5. How to book a tour

5.1 To register for a tour use the registration form at www.mondumo.com/register-for-a-tour

5.2 Once your booking registration has been received we will contact you by email with confirmation and an invoice with instruction on how to pay your tour deposit of $200(USD) per person.

5.3 Your space on the tour is not confirmed until the deposit has been received and confirmed as received by Mondumo Limited.

5.4 Mondumo Small Group Tours reserves the right to vary the minimum deposit amount at any time before the deposit is paid.

5.5 The receipt by us of a deposit payment does not, by itself, constitute acceptance of a booking.

5.6 The balance of the tour price, being the total tour price less any deposits paid, must be paid by the dates stated on the invoice.

5.7 If you miss the final payment deadline this may result in you being removed from the tour.

6. Early Payment Discount

6.1 Mondumo Small Group Tours offers an Early Payment Discount (EPD) on some of our tours. This usually means making full payment 280 days (9 months) prior to the tour start date.

6.2 The final date for EPD is set and communicated for each tour offering this option.

6.3 Not all tours offer an EPD.

6.4 EPD amount varies.

6.5 If you have already paid your tour deposit ($200USD) and you choose to take advantage of the Early Payment Discount, $600(USD) of the full payment is non-refundable.

6.6 If the $200(USD) deposit has not already been paid, $1000(USD) of the early final payment is non-refundable.

7. Our refund and credit policy (cancellation by you)

7.1 Deposits for tours are refundable for 15 days upon receipt.

7.2 After 15 days from receipt deposits are not refundable for any reason and will be forfeited if you decide to cancel your tour reservation.

7.3 Once the balance of the tour booking has been paid, the total amount paid is non-refundable.

7.4 When you book a tour with Mondumo Small Group Tours you will be asked to check boxes saying that you agree to the following aspects of our refund and credit policy:
- you agree to pay a deposit of $200(USD) per person (refundable for 15 days upon receipt),
- you understand that your space on the tour is not confirmed until this deposit has been received and acknowledged by Mondumo Limited,
- you agree to pay the non-refundable, final tour payment by the date it is due,
- you understand that if you miss the final payment deadline this may result in you being removed from the tour,
- the only refundable part of payment is the deposit (for 15 days upon receipt)

7.5 In the event of a refund being due, the refund amount will be processed in NZD according to the NZD amount received at the time of the original payment.

7.6 All cancellations must be made in writing to Mondumo Limited and sent via email to colin@mondumo.com

7.7 Cancellations will be effective as of date received.

8. Cancellations by Mondumo Small Group Tours

8.1 Our New Zealand in 14 Days tour requires a minimum of 7 tour members to run.

8.2 If your tour is cancelled by us due to lack of participation, you will be offered a 100% credit towards a future tour booking, or the entire amount you have paid refunded to you within fourteen business days of the notified cancellation.

8.3 If choosing the credit option and the alternative tour chosen is of a lower value than that originally booked then you are entitled to a refund of the price difference. If the difference is higher you must pay the difference.

8.4 Upon notification of cancelation by us Mondumo Small Group Tours has no other obligations to tour participants on cancelled tours. This includes any additional costs or fees related to the purchase and/or cancellation of airline tickets or other travel reservations not made by Mondumo Limited.

9. Itinerary changes and unused services

9.1 Travel is full of surprises. Itineraries are subject to change.

9.2 Refunds are not due for any uncompleted portions of the tour itinerary.

9.3 Mondumo Small Group Tours is not liable to refund tour participants the costs of any portion of services that are not used due to unforeseen circumstances or due to the tour participant deciding to opt out of a visit or activity on the day. This includes for reasons of ill health, jet lag or other personal issues.

10. Solo Traveler Single Supplements and Room Sharing

10.1 If you are a solo traveller and would like to be accommodated in a single room, this may be possible through the payment of a single supplement fee.

10.2 The amount of the single supplement varies depending on the tour.

10.3 Single supplements are limited and based on availability, therefore not guaranteed.

10.4 If you are willing to share, Mondumo Small Group Tours may be able to arrange a same-gender roommate for you.

10.5 If this turns out to be a viable option the Single Supplement does not apply.

10.6 If a roommate cannot be found, solo tour participants will be required to pay the Single Supplement.

11. Children on tour

11.1 Children under the age of 18 years must room with and be accompanied on the tour by a parent or guardian.

11.2 A Child Transport waiver must be signed by parent or guardian for each under 18 year old wishing to join a tour.

12. Packing Policy

12.1 Packing light is an important part of Mondumo Small Group Tours travel philosophy.

12.2 This allows our group to be more nimble and to get the most out of our tour experience without the burden of heavy luggage.

12.3 We strongly recommend that each tour participant brings just one airline-carry-on-size bag of approximately 22″x14″x 9″ (55cm X 35cm X 22cm), and a small day bag.

12.4 We don’t arrange for any porterage at our hotels so be aware that you will always be responsible for getting your own bags to your hotel room and to the bus/coach upon departure from hotels.

12.5 This may occasionally mean carrying bags up or down several flights of stairs, walking up to 10 minutes to the hotel, and loading/unloading from many types of transportation.

13. Physical demands of the tour

13.1 Mondumo Small Group Tours are physically demanding.

13.2 To get the most of the experience, you should be in reasonably good shape.

13.3 Our most active days average 5-6 miles of walking (often over uneven surfaces and including lots of climbing steps), lots of standing while listening to your guide during group sightseeing, and climbing stairs whilst carrying your own bag up to your hotel room.

13.4 Our tour guides and bus drivers are not obligated to provide physical assistance to tour members for any activities or assistance with luggage. Tour members requiring help must be accompanied by an able companion who can be entirely responsible for providing the assistance. (If you have concerns about the physical demands of our tours, please contact us).

14. Non-smoking tour

14.1 As all our tours and hotels we use are non-smoking, any smokers wishing to join a tour may smoke only outdoors and downwind from the group.

14.2 You may never smoke in hotel rooms or during group activities or meals.

14.3 The above also applies to e-cigarettes and vaping.

15. Medical Conditions

15.1 To help keep you safe we request information regarding medical conditions or limitations and allergies, including food allergies.

15.2 Your guide will hold this information in confidence but may be obliged to provide it, in the event of a medical emergency during the tour, to any attending care provider or emergency responder, should you be unable to communicate this information yourself.

15.3 This information will be kept confidential unless there is a medical emergency.

15.4 We request that you disclose prior to or at the time of the booking of a tour any adverse medical condition or pre-existing physical, mental, or emotional disability that may require attention or treatment during the tour.

15.5 This disclosure is important and relevant as it may affect any advice that we would seek to give you in relation to joining any proposed tour. It may also affect our willingness to accept your booking.

15.6 As our tours take place outside the USA, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws of the United States, individual states of the United States and their local jurisdictions, do not apply to our tours.

15.7 Mondumo Small Group Tours does not provide any medical assistance or support on our tours.

15.8 All clients must satisfy themselves prior to booking that they are fit and able to complete the itinerary of their chosen tour.

16. Travel Insurance

16.1 Mondumo Limited strongly encourages all tour participants to purchase personal travel insurance prior to or at the time of booking a tour and to maintain this insurance for the duration of the tour.

16.2 We provide no travel insurance with the purchase of a tour and cannot provide legal advice as to the best companies to buy from.

16.3 Ideally you should purchase a policy that will provide indemnity to you for unlimited medical expenses, unlimited repatriation expenses, cancellation protection.

16.4 Other eventualities where travel insurance is invaluable include loss of luggage, trip delay, medical evacuation, personal liability for accidental damage to someone else’s property and more.

17. Transportation Liability

17.1 Mondumo Limited acts only as an agent for transportation providers that we use during tours.

17.2 Although we take all care possible when sourcing providers and encourage good health and safety practice on tours, we can assume no liability for injury, damage, delay, loss, accident or irregularity in connection with the services of any airplane, boat, motor-coach, minibus, train, or other conveyance, public or private, used in the course of our tours.

17.3 We accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in transportation services due to sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine, acts of God or other causes beyond our control.

17.4 All such losses and expenses will have to be borne by the tour participant, as tour rates provide for arrangements only for the time stated.

17.5 Mondumo Limited does not accept liability for any airline cancellation penalty or change fee incurred by the purchase of non-refundable tickets to or from the tour.

18. Accommodation Liability

18.1 Mondumo Limited acts only as an agent for accommodation (hotel / Bed & Breakfast / motel) providers that we use during tours.

18.2 Although we take all care possible when sourcing accommodation providers, we can assume no liability for injury, damage, delay, loss, accident or irregularity in connection with any hotel.

19. Acceptance of Risk

19.1 By participating in a Mondumo Small Group Tour you acknowledge that our tours may be considered to be, in full or in part, adventurous.

19.2 In signing up to participate in the tour you agree that this consideration is taken into account.

19.3 Your tour may involve personal risk, such risks to include illness, injury, disease, loss or damage to property, discomfort and inconvenience.

19.4 You accept that this is the nature of international travel and you choose to participate rather than stay in the supposed safety of your own home.

19.5 In making the booking you accept risk and agree that you are joining the tour upon condition of traveling at your own risk.

19.6 In agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree that you shall not make any claim against Mondumo Small Group Tours for injury or loss, howsoever caused, arising out of the acceptance of such risk.

19.7 It is your responsibility to be informed about any travel advisories or warnings issued by any Government Department.

19.8 If a travel advisory or warning is issued by a Government Department in relation to a destination on your tour, then you may, at your own discretion, cancel the booking (and in which case the cancellation policy as outlined in these terms and conditions will apply) or you may decide to proceed with the tour.

19.9 If you decide to proceed with the tour, you acknowledge and agree that you have decided to do so at your own risk and will not make any claims against Mondumo Small Group Tours in relation to any matters arising from this.

20. Participation

20.1 We want everyone to have a good time on tour, however, if a tour participant misbehaves or does things that are incompatible with the safety, comfort or convenience of other tour participants, you agree that in those circumstances we have the exclusive right and discretion, to expel that person (even if it is you) from a tour at any time, without any claims or complaints by you against us.

20.2 We also reserve the right to decline to accept any person as a participant in our tours

21. Misprints

21.1 Mondumo Limited reserves the right to amend typos and misprints in pricing and other trip information.

22. Data Protection

22.1 All customer data collected when you sign up for a tour (name, address, email address, passport information, date of birth) is handled sensitively.

22.2 We endeavor to the best of our abilities to protect any and all personal information you share with us over the course of making tour reservations.

22.3 In order to provide the services or products in question, tour participants should understand that some personal information must be passed to third parties, namely hotels and transport providers.

22.4 For example hotels need to know sleeping arrangements and on occasion hotels require customer passport numbers prior to arrival for security reasons.

22.5 If you have any concerns over these details being held or wish for your details to be wiped from our database after the tour email colin@mondumo.com

22.6 If you wish to opt out of receiving tours information from Mondumo Small Group Tours at any time please email colin@mondumo.com

Mondumo Limited reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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