Mondumo Travel Philosophy

This is what makes us different...

1. We value experiences over luxury.

2. We provide high-quality tours, with a down-to-earth approach.

3. We are upfront. There are no hidden costs. Your tour guide is on your side and is not hawking for tips or commissions throughout the tour.

4. We believe you should get the best experience regardless of cost. We include all visits that are mentioned on our itineraries.

5. All tips/gratuities are included for all of your tour guides, coach/bus drivers, local guides who host our tours and waitstaff at group meals, as per country norms. You do not need to tip during or after the Mondumo tour. Your tips have already been paid when you pay for the Mondumo tour.

6. Your payment for the tour covers services of a professional top end guide, transportation throughout the tour, half your meals, all of your breakfasts, accomodation every night of the tour, all activities mentioned on the itinerary, and all tips/gratuities as mentioned above.

7. When you compare our tours side by side with another tour company, look closely (or enquire) to see if that other tour has any hidden costs. Hidden costs are often for guide/driver tips and extra fees for activities and visits that you may have pay once on the tour.

8. We believe in balancing our tour itineraries properly. This means your day is not overloaded with quick, meaningless stops. At Mondumo we do not do “tick the box tourism”.

9. If you are just looking to tick boxes to “say you have been”, but not really experience the places you visit in any meaningful way, that is not us.

10. If you want to experience and appreciate the places you go, come with us, and do it the Mondumo way.

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The word mondumo (pronounced “mon-doo-mo”) comes from the Esperanto language, it can mean people, society and the world.


People come first. Everyone who comes into contact with Mondumo Small Group Tours is a VIP. The people who work with us – guides, drivers, hotel staff and other vendors. The people who travel with us are the heart and soul of our company. They are our reason for being.


From the Latin word socius meaning ‘companion’, society effectively relates to ‘companionship and ‘friendly association with others’. At Mondumo Small Group Tours we understand that people want people. An important aspect of our tours is connecting with the people of the societies that we visit. We become temporary members of that society and we show respectful compassion to it. We aim to burst the tourist bubble and avoid “tick the box tourism”.


Our world is made to be explored. The human race has travelled to every corner of our world. The journey of humankind is one of the most fascinating stories. We are all related in this world and we should bear that in mind when we travel.

Jet Set

Mondumo has a fourth meaning in Esperanto – jetset. Some people say that we at Mondumo Small Group Tours live a jet-set lifestyle, but we like to hope that this is also balanced with a good degree of social responsibility, being respectful travelers and not ugly tourists and getting to know the local culture.

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